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Polished & Powerful Week Day 6: Breukelen Polished

One day I was scrolling through Instagram looking for my next Black-owned nail polish line to support. Insert Breukelen Polished (the original Dutch spelling of Brooklyn) by Ariel Terry!

After a mutual follow, I did swatches for three of Breukelen’s top sellers: Do or Die (fiery red), Brownstone (deep burgundy), and The Bois (Pronounced boys. Electric blue). As you can see, each polish is an ode to this Millennial woman’s hometown of Brooklyn!

The bottles are pretty, it doesn’t take long to dry, and not to mention that they’re 11 Free. Today I am highlighting how Ariel pampers herself after a stressful, yet productive day.

What are your favorite colors to wear on your nails? 

Ariel: “I’m pretty extreme on the spectrum. I love any shade blue and any shade of pink.”

What is your go-to “all occasion” polish? 

Ariel: “Color wise? It would have to be Mr. Softy from my collection.”

How often do you change your nail polish? 

Ariel: “I change my nail polish roughly once a week – two weeks depending on my mood. I usually go a week in between with nothing on it to give it a break.”

What are you wearing on your nails right now? 

Ariel: “Right now I’m wearing ‘Actin’ Hollywood’ from my new collection which is like a light purple.”

Besides getting your nails done, what is your favorite way to pamper yourself? 

Ariel: “I treat myself to a massage once a month and I also take myself on a date monthly.”

What time of day are you most productive? 

Ariel: “I am most productive in the beginning of the day. I tend to crank out my work the fastest at that time of the day.”

Tell me about your proudest moment. 

Ariel: “My proudest moment would have to be starting Breukelen Polished. I started it fresh out of college with no real idea of what it would come to be. Three years later, I am still in business and it is growing slowly but its growing for sure.”

What advice do you have for future Girl Bosses? 

Ariel: “What ever your passion is, stick with it and fall in love with it. Doing what you LOVE is the most rewarding feeling ever especially knowing how hard you have worked for it.”

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