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4 Unique Conversation Starters

I’ve been told plenty of times that I look “friendly” and “approachable”. To be honest, I didn’t always see that as a good thing. But now, I see that as a gift.

Are you shy? Would you rather people start a conversation with you than the other way around? Then here are 4 Unique Conversation Starters that helped me during my Disney College Program (and can help you with your everyday life)!

#4 “Where were you when Michael Jackson died?”

I know. You’re probably thinking “Who wants to talk about death??” But hear me out. This is a conversation that I once had with a coworker:

Coworker –“Where are you from?”

Me –“Maryland.”

Coworker –“Oh wow that’s far! Is this your first time in Florida?”

Me –“No. I was actually in Tampa when I found out Micheal Jackson died. Where were you?”

Now I don’t know why that was the first Florida vacation that came to my head because as kid, I went to Disney World and Universal Studios! But it was, and it worked.

Coworker –“I was actually in Vegas…”

Then she started telling me how much of a positive impact Micheal Jackson had in her life. Micheal Jackson was a worldwide musical Icon. So see how I eased my way into bringing up The King of Pop’s death? Hearing memories from his fans is really interesting.

#3 Your Text Alert 

Remember the sound Kim Possible’s Kimmunicator made before asking Wade “What’s the stitch?” That’s my text alert!

There was never a moment where I’d get a text in public and someone didn’t say “OMG I REMEMBER KIM POSSIBLE!!!” Early 2000’s cartoons were lit – instant conversation starter.

Want the Kim Possible text alert? Then follow the instructions here!

#2 Your Phone Case

Who had My Little Pony toys when they were little?? *Raises hand.* When I saw this in H&M, I just knew I had to get it!

Like with my Kim Possible text alert, anytime I was out-and-about, someone reminisced with me over My Little Pony.

#1 Your Earrings

Guest – “Excuse me. Where did you get your earrings? My wife would love those!”

Me –Go straight down Hollywood Boulevard and you’ll see a Pepto Bismol pink jewelry store. You can’t miss it!”

That Pepto Bismol pink jewelry store I referred to was Keystone Clothiers in (my favorite park) Hollywood Studios.

This thoughtful husband was the first guest to compliment my rose gold castle studs, then ask me where I bought them from – but he wasn’t the last. I got compliments, and my work location made money! Win-Win!

“Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.” – Rapunzel (Tangled)

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